"Zodiac-inspired Handmade Stacked Bracelet Collection"(1pc)

$12.95 $19.95

Product Description: Elevate your style and embrace your Zodiac sign with our Zodiac-inspired Handmade Stacked Bracelet Collection. Each bracelet in this collection features one of the twelve Zodiac signs, beautifully crafted with genuine raw sienna leather and adorned with unique charms.

Individually handcrafted, these stacked bracelets are a perfect combination of style and symbolism. The set includes three bracelets, each sold separately, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with your Zodiac sign.

Made with genuine raw sienna leather, these bracelets offer a natural and earthy feel. The copper clasp ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while the two braided leather cords and one main leather band add a touch of texture and dimension to the design.

Adding to their charm, each bracelet features three unique charms made from wood, alloy, and bronze. These charms symbolize the elements and characteristics associated with your Zodiac sign, making the bracelets truly personalized and meaningful.

With a circumference of 8 inches, these bracelets are designed to fit most wrist sizes comfortably. The adjustable clasp allows for easy customization, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

Embrace your Zodiac sign and showcase your unique energy with our Zodiac-inspired Handmade Stacked Bracelet Collection. Each bracelet tells a story and serves as a reminder of your individuality. Mix and match them, or wear them individually to express your personal style and connection to the cosmos.

Please note: Each bracelet is sold separately, allowing you to curate your own collection based on your Zodiac sign.

**You are buying ONE bracelet of your choice.

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