"Women's Rhinestone Bling Elastic Bracelet - Sparkle and Shine with Elegance"(1pc)

$6.95 $9.95

Product Description: Elevate your style with our Women's Rhinestone Bling Elastic Bracelet. This stunning bracelet features a stretchy elastic band adorned with dazzling clear rhinestones that glisten and shimmer from every angle. The rhinestones are delicately placed all the way around the bracelet, creating a continuous band of brilliance. The elastic design ensures a comfortable and secure fit, making it easy to slip on and off. Whether you're attending a special event, adding some glamour to your everyday attire, or looking for the perfect accessory to complete your party look, this bracelet is sure to catch attention and make a statement. Embrace the beauty of rhinestones and let your wrist shine with elegance with our Women's Rhinestone Bling Elastic Bracelet.

Dimensions: approximately 6.5 cm in diameter.

Includes: 1 bracelet

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