Women's Angel Wing Rhinestone Snap Button Bracelet - 18mm Metal Snap Button

$9.95 $13.95

Express yourself with our beautiful selection of Snap Accessories!!

A NEW trendy way to charm your style, have everyone asking "where did you get that"?! 

SPARK interest with our conversational jewelry and other unique items!


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How they work:

  • Select Accessory you desire to wear. Our shop offers many one of a kind accessories. Bracelets, rings, wallets, shades, key chains, earrings and more.
  • Select Snap(s). 
  • Place snap on top of button insert and press down until you here a click. Sometimes turning snap may be needed before pressing down snap. 
  • Snap Charms are interchangeable, so you can swap different snaps as you desire to fit your mood, holiday, outfit.. etc


  • SIZE: Adult Size 
  • QUANTITY: 1 Bracelet

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