"Snowflake Sparkle: Rhinestone Snap Buttons for Holiday Elegance"

$4.95 $5.95


Introducing our exquisite Rhinestone Snowflake Snap Buttons, designed to immerse you in the joyful ambiance of the holiday season. These stunning buttons are a perfect blend of elegance and sparkle, reminiscent of enchanting gumdrops adorned with intricately crafted snowflakes. The charming domed shape adds a touch of sophistication to any garment or accessory.

Available in four captivating color options, including vibrant Red, lush Green, deep Blue, and ethereal White/Clear with an iridescent finish, these buttons allow you to effortlessly match them to your desired festive aesthetic. With a diameter of approximately 20 mm, they are the ideal size for infusing your creations with a touch of winter magic.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Rhinestone Snowflake Snap Buttons are constructed using high-quality materials. The copper base ensures durability, while the lead-free and nickel-free composition guarantees their safety for prolonged wear. A lustrous silver color plating forms the backdrop for these buttons, accentuating their dazzling allure. The addition of glitter and meticulously placed rhinestones further elevates their elegance, creating a mesmerizing visual display.

Indulge in the holiday spirit and let our Rhinestone Snowflake Snap Buttons be the finishing touch to your festive projects. Whether you're adorning clothing, accessories, or creating unique jewelry pieces, these buttons effortlessly infuse your creations with the magic and wonder of a winter wonderland. Elevate your style and celebrate the holiday season in true sparkle and sophistication with our Rhinestone Snowflake Snap Buttons.


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