Natural Tree of Life Wooden Pendant Necklace | Handmade Wooden Beaded Necklace | Wood Natural necklace (More Colors)

$12.95 $18.95

Description Hand Made Tree of Life Pendant Necklace made with 'Natural' wooden beads strung together to form the branches and canopy and a wooden trunk. 

●Tree of Life Pendant Size: 9cm (3 5/8") high by 7cm (2 7/8") wide approx.

● Pendant: Wooden Beads (dark green) and wooden trunk - lacquered

● Necklace Chain : 75cm (36") Length black waxed necklace cord with sliding bead to adjust length

● Weight : 14gr

● All of our Tree of Life Pendants are of the highest quality available which is consistent with our aim to offer the very best value for money for all of our Tree of Life Jewelry range. The wood used in this hand made necklace is a natural organic product and has been colored/lacquered.

*To several people the Tree of Life simply represents Life's Journey, starting from a seed and growing from a seedling to a sapling to a mature tree with the branches representing the different paths taken during a lifetime.

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