Purple, Blue or Green Glowing Crescent Moon Necklaces, Glow In the Dark Moon Necklace, Half Moon Glow in the Dark, Phases of the Moon Glow Necklace, Gift for her

$16.95 $24.95

This is a beautiful, silver plated crescent moon shaped pendant which shines a gorgeous purple, green or blue glow in the dark. The pendant suspends from a silver plated chain necklace.

Great for the holidays, a night out or whenever you feel like wearing it! A true statement piece that will surely leave an impression :)

Together with the necklace, you will receive a pocket UV-torch. UV-light works great with glow in the dark items and charges it a lot faster than normal LED or sunlight does!

When fully charged it will glow brightly for the 45 minutes or so (which is a lot for glow in the dark materials!) and after that it fades out slowly in the following hours. But no stress! Just keep the torch with you, so you can easily charge it up again in a matter of seconds when the glow wears out. No need to go without the glow ;)

  • Comes with FREE UV Torch Light for Recharging Glow Quicker
  • Comes in a gift box :)

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