Ice Cream Cone Floating Locket Charm (Floating Locket Sold Separately) (1pc)

$0.89 $1.25

Introducing our delightful Floating Locket Charm in the shape of an ice cream cone, a sweet and whimsical accessory that captures the joy of summertime treats.

This charming locket charm is designed to be a perfect addition to our floating lockets, allowing you to create a personalized and customizable piece of jewelry. The ice cream cone shape is beautifully crafted with colorful enamel, resembling a scrumptious scoop of ice cream on a crispy cone.

The locket charm is designed to float inside our compatible floating lockets, creating a captivating and unique display. Simply open the locket, place the ice cream cone charm inside, and close it securely to keep it in place.

Made with high-quality materials, this floating locket charm is durable and long-lasting. Its secure clasp ensures that it stays in place within your floating locket, allowing you to enjoy the delightful ice cream cone design every time you wear it.

Versatile and stylish, the ice cream cone floating locket charm can be paired with any necklace or bracelet that accommodates floating charms. It adds a touch of playfulness and sweetness to your jewelry collection, making it perfect for expressing your love for ice cream or as a delightful gift for someone special.

Please note that the floating locket is sold separately, providing you with the flexibility to choose the locket style and size that suits your preference.

Capture the essence of carefree summer days and indulge in the whimsy of our Floating Locket Charm in the shape of an ice cream cone. Let your unique style and personality shine through by adding this delightful charm to your floating locket collection. 

Includes one charm (1pc)


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