"Rhinestone Cross Floating Locket Plate"(1pc)

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Product Description: Introducing our stunning "Rhinestone Cross" Floating Locket Plate, a captivating piece designed to enhance your floating locket (sold separately). This metal plate features a beautifully crafted cross with radiant rhinestones delicately embedded within it.

The "Rhinestone Cross" Floating Locket Plate combines elegance and spirituality, allowing you to showcase your faith in a stylish and meaningful way. The intricate design of the cross, adorned with sparkling rhinestones, adds a touch of brilliance and grace to your floating locket.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this metal plate ensures durability and a polished finish. The radiant rhinestones bring a captivating shimmer, capturing the light and drawing attention to the beauty of the cross.

Customize your floating locket by pairing the "Rhinestone Cross" Floating Locket Plate with a selection of complementary charms (sold separately). Whether you wear it as a daily reminder of your faith or on special occasions, this plate serves as a symbol of devotion and spiritual connection.

The "Rhinestone Cross" Floating Locket Plate also makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones, conveying sentiments of faith, hope, and love. Its enduring beauty and spiritual significance make it a cherished token for anyone seeking inspiration and solace.

Elevate your floating locket with the exquisite beauty of the "Rhinestone Cross" Floating Locket Plate. Let its radiant cross with rhinestones ignite your faith and inspire you on your spiritual journey.


Includes one charm (1pc)


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