"Rhinestone Flower Floating Charm - Available in Two Colors"(1pc)

$1.95 $3.75

Product Description: Introducing our exquisite Rhinestone Flower Floating Charm, a beautiful addition to your floating locket collection (floating locket sold separately). This charming metal charm features a delicate flower design with a sparkling rhinestone in the center, adding a touch of elegance and glamour to your locket.

The Rhinestone Flower Floating Charm showcases the beauty of nature and the brilliance of gemstones. The flower petals are intricately crafted to resemble the delicate details of a real flower, while the shimmering rhinestone in the center adds a captivating sparkle. The combination of the flower and rhinestone creates a harmonious and eye-catching design.

Available in two stunning colors, you can choose between the timeless elegance of silver or the warm radiance of gold. Each color option offers its own unique charm, allowing you to personalize your floating locket to match your style and preferences.

Crafted with high-quality metal, this floating charm is built to last. The polished finish enhances its overall beauty and durability, ensuring that it will shine brightly for years to come. The secure attachment ensures that the charm stays in place inside your floating locket, adding a touch of sophistication to your jewelry collection.

Embrace the beauty of nature and the allure of sparkling gemstones with our Rhinestone Flower Floating Charm. Whether you're treating yourself or looking for a thoughtful gift, this charm is perfect for expressing your love for nature, beauty, and personal style.

Elevate your floating locket with the enchanting Rhinestone Flower Floating Charm, available in two captivating colors. Let its elegant design and shimmering rhinestone centerpiece add a touch of grace and sophistication to your jewelry collection.


Includes one charm (1pc)


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