"Basketball Charm Elastic Bracelet with Snap Button Holder"

$10.95 $18.95

Product Description: Show your love for basketball with our Basketball Charm Elastic Bracelet. This stylish and versatile bracelet features a stretchy elastic band adorned with miniature basketballs, creating a sporty and eye-catching design.

The bracelet showcases a series of intricately detailed miniature basketball charms, arranged in a continuous pattern around the elastic band. The basketballs add a playful touch and capture the essence of the sport, making this bracelet perfect for basketball enthusiasts and fans.

In the center of the bracelet, there is a snap button holder, providing a convenient spot to attach and interchange size 18mm snap buttons. This feature allows you to personalize your bracelet with snap buttons representing your favorite basketball team, basketball-related designs, or even initials and symbols that hold special meaning to you.

The elastic band ensures a comfortable and adjustable fit, accommodating various wrist sizes. It is easy to put on and take off, making it suitable for everyday wear and effortless styling.

Whether you wear it to support your favorite basketball team or simply to showcase your passion for the sport, our Basketball Charm Elastic Bracelet is a great accessory for any basketball enthusiast. It also makes a thoughtful gift for basketball fans of all ages.

Please Note: Snap buttons are sold separately, giving you the freedom to customize and expand your collection of snap buttons to suit your style and preferences.

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